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Lukáš Kantor

Global Elite as Transnational Capitalist Class

Abstract: As a contribution to the burgeoning field of multidisciplinary globalization studies,

this article evaluates how IR grand theories can conceptualize the phenomenon of global elite. It

compares and synthesizes (neo)liberalism, constructivism, feminism and neo-Marxism. Liberal

approaches use the analytical tool of transnational actors or transnational networks. In constructivist

’ s perspective, part of global elite falls into the category of epistemic community. Feminists

offer the term Davos Men. Neo-Marxist conceptualization revolves around the notion of transnational

capitalist class. The paper concludes that neo-Marxist IR theory best accounts for the

global elite and therefore, the debates on the transnational capitalist class are thoroughly and

critically reviewed.


Keywords: global elite; transnational capitalist class; Davos Men; epistemic community; transnational



DOI: 10.14712/23363525.2016.8


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