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Ladislav Holý

Dr Ladislav Holý (*1933 Prague, †1997 Kingsbarns) studied in the fifties ethnography at the Charles University in Prague. In 1965 he became Head of the African Department at the Academy of Sciences and assistant curator at Naprstek Museum. Influence of the eminent Cambridge scholar Prof. Meyer Fortes steered him and his friend and colleague Milan Stuchlik towards British style of Social Anthropology. Ladislav conducted two fieldworks in Africa, among the Berti people of Sudan and later the Toka in Zambia. After 1968 he and his wife Alice did not return to normalized Czechoslovakia, instead he accepted a post of Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Queen’s University in Belfast, where again he formed a formidable intellectual partnership with his friend Milan Stuchlik. In 1979 Ladislav moved to St. Andrews, where he was elevated to Professorship in 1987. Ladislav Holy and Milan Stuchlik in 1963 established the very first Department of Social Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague.

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