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Guide to Authors

  • Basic informations for authors

The editorial board accepts original, previously unpublished texts in these forms:

articles (max. 30 pages)
essays (max. 25 pages) 
review articles (max. 25 pages)
review essays (max. 15 pages)
reviews and reports (max. 7 pages)
interviews (max. 15 pages)
discussion and polemics (max. 15 pages)
or other types of scientific publications. 

Editorial board accept texts in Czech, Slovak, English, French and German languages. 

The editors require manuscripts as e-mail attachments sent to the e-mail of editor-in-chief.

The accompanying letter should contain complete name(s), address(es), affiliation(s), telephone number(s) and/or e-mail address(es) of the author or authors.

Articles, essays and review articles must be accompanied by an abstract in English which must have 100 - 200 words, and have 5-7 keywords in English. The text should be followed by a short profile of the author (20-30 words) and a bibliography.

The journal does not charge publication and proccessing fees from the author.


  • Text formatting

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word, 12 pt. size type and 1.5 line spacing with 10 pt. Footnotes single spaced. The pages must be numbered. Save your file in .doc, .docx or .odt format.

The editors reserve the right to do linguistic editing and editing of the text's form.


  • Quotation

Use of quotations is as follows: author-year of publication should be included in the text; footnotes are not used for referring to the bibliography, but it is possible to use it to refer to unpublished sources. Bibliographical references must be complete and correspond to journal standards. Reference list should only include works that are cited in manuscript. 

Examples of basic forms of quotation:

a) Monography

Mezřický, Václav (ed.) [2003]. Globalizace. Praha: Portál.

Rhodewalt, Frederick - Peterson, Benjamin [2007]. The self and Social Behavior: The Fragile Self and Interpersonal Self-Regulation. New York: Taylor and Francis.

b) Essays in textbooks

Juergensmeyer, Mark [2006b]. From Bhindranwale to Bin Laden: A Search for Understanding Religious Violence. In. Cady Linnell E. - Simon, Sheldon W. (eds.). Religion and Conflict in Asia: Disrupting Violence. London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, s. 21-30.

c) Articles

Ness, Robert C. - Lopreato, Joseph [1966]. Vilfredo Pareto - Sociologist or Ideologist? Sociological Quarterly 7 (1): 21-38.

d) Electronical documents

Juergensmeyer, Mark [2006b]. Religious Nationalism and Transnationalism in a Global World [online]. Dostupné z: <> [cit. 16. 10. 2008].

If a publication has DOI, please follow these quotation rules:

Morstein-Marx, Robert [2004]. Mass Oratory and Political Power in the Late Roman Republic. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Fialová, Ludmila [2014]. První světová válka a obyvatelstvo českých zemí. Historická sociologie 6 (2): 115–125,


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